WWE Accused Of Contract Tampering By Major US Promotion

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Accused Of Contract Tampering By Major US Promotion

PWInsider is reporting that WWE’s lawyers have been contacted by Major League Wrestling’s legal team over contract tampering allegations.

The US promotion’s legal team is said to have copious amounts of evidence if they decide to take formal legal action against WWE for contacting their talent.

Some speculated that the issue may have been caused by Davey Boy Smith Jr appearing on WWE The Bump this week despite beign under MLW contract. However, Smith’s appearance is not said to be the issue here:

“Major League Wrestling attorneys engaged WWE attorneys this week, PWInsider.com has confirmed with multiple MLW sources, who allege that WWE are attempting to tamper with contracted MLW talents.

“When asked if this was in relation to Davey Boy Smith Jr (Harry Smith) appearing this past Wednesday on WWE’s The Bump online series, we were told it was not in regard to Smith’s appearance but regarding “multiple talents”.

“Since the advent of MLW signing talents in 2018, the language in the contracts specifically forbids them from working WWE dates, so any direct communication with signed MLW talents would be seen as a breach of contract by MLW management.  Obviously, however, discussion via third parties has gone on in pro wrestling since the days of Frank Gotch and will always happen.  MLW has strengthened the exclusivity of their contracts with talents since the advent of All Elite Wrestling’s launch last year as well.

“One MLW source claimed that the promotion had an “abundance” of evidence should the matter need to go to court, but hoped that would not happen.”

While the prospect of battle in court between WWE and MLW is not out of the question, Mike Johnson doesn’t believe that the situation will result in a formal legal battle:

“My gut feeling is that a courtroom showdown won’t happen.  There was a time period several years back where Ring of Honor pushed back on WWE, feeling they were reaching out to contracted ROH talents, which led to WWE waiting 90 days past ROH deals expiring before they would even talk to former Ring of Honor talents.  I assume something similar would happen here.

“I should also note that WWE sources downplayed the potential of any such “tampering” when reached by PWInsider.com.”

Of course, WrestleTalk.com will keep you posted with all the latest updates on this situation.

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