Tony Khan Uses WWE’s ‘Sworn Court Filings’ To Fire Back At Criticism Of AEW

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Tony Khan Uses WWE’s ‘Sworn Court Filings’ To Fire Back At Criticism Of AEW AEW

Tony Khan has used “sworn court filings” to fire back at criticism that AEW will never win the “war” with WWE.

Having recently claimed that there’s a “real war” between WWE and AEW based on what “people have… alleged”, Khan has responded to the belief that his company will “never win a war with WWE.”

In a Twitter exchange that involved a Soprano’s meme, Khan responded to the winning a war comment by stating:

“That’s actually untrue according to their own sworn court filings.”

Whilst Khan wouldn’t specify the court filings in question, MLW filed an amended lawsuit against WWE claiming that the company had sought to “clamp down on competitors” being able to monetize content, tampered with talent and blocked competitors from being able to run venues typically used by the WWE.

In March 2022, a motion to dismiss the case had seen WWE acknowledge the creation and success of AEW as an example that “undercuts MLW’s unsupported assertion that substantial barriers to entry exist.”

Tony Khan has previously stated that WWE had contacted “a lot” of AEW talent who were currently under contract, accusing the company of tampering with their contracts.

As was noted in replies to Khan’s tweet, the AEW owner had previously discussed his investigation into anti-AEW bots on social media.

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