WWE & AEW TV Partners Planning To Merge?

WWE & AEW TV Partners Planning To Merge? WWE/AEW

The Warner Bros and Discorvery merger took place earlier this year, and with it many changes were made to both companies.

Warner Bros Discovery owns TNT and TBS, which airs AEW Rampage and Dynamite respectively. Recently though, Tony Khan has spoken about the relationship between him and the new Warner Bros Discovery board.

However, an interesting twist has come out regarding the future of Warner Bros Discovery company, and it’s VERY interesting for fans of pro wrestling.

In a new article from the Hollywood Reporter, there are reportedly industry insiders that believe that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has his eyes set on another huge merger, this time between the newly merged Warner Bros Discovery, and NBCUniversal.

NBCUniversal, if that name sounds familiar, are the company that owns the Peacock streaming service, and the USA Network, which both have current ongoing deals with WWE programming.

So, if the planned merger was to go ahead, that would mean that the television partners of AEW and WWE will have merged into one company.

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