Former WWE Star Opens Up About Huge Opportunity Teaming With Popular Star

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Opens Up About Huge Opportunity Teaming With Popular Star WWE

A former WWE star has opened up about what they saw as a huge opportunity in teaming with a respected roster member.

The former Alex Riley, now going by his real name Kevin Kiley, spoke about being teamed with The Miz with PW Mania.

In the exclusive interview, Kiley would reflect:

“It was a huge opportunity to be put with a guy who was that talented.”

Kiley and The Miz would be teamed as part of the WWE NXT show, with Miz acting as Alex Riley’s mentor during season 2 of the series.

Speaking of the pairing further, Kiley said:

“We played off each other very well, and I even got a spot on WrestleMania because of it.

“When I was put on NXT, I thought I was doing pretty well. We just got paired up naturally and it was great.

“He’s a really good guy, has a good heart, and was always good to me.”

Although Alex Riley wouldn’t win the series he would join The Miz on the main roster, staying at his side until the 2011 Supplemental Draft in April of that year where he would move to SmackDown.

Kiley was released by WWE in May 2016 and wouldn’t return to in-ring competion for six-years.

He would make his return at Create-A-Pro Wrestling in December 2022, teaming with Tyrus.

Kiley would make his televised wrestling return at NWA Nuff Said on February 11 as ‘The Rare Breed’ Kevin Kiley.

He would be unsuccessful in his return, losing to EC3 by submission.

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