Former WWE Star Slams British Wrestling Fans

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Slams British Wrestling Fans WWE

A former WWE star has lambasted British wrestling fans for their criticism of one aspect of his former company.

When news of the creation of NXT UK started, long before the brand would be introduced in June 2018, a vocal number of wrestling fans claimed that WWE were doing it to hurt the British independent wrestling scene.

That criticism would continue for much of the brand’s life span as WWE continued to add to its roster.

Former WWE star Alexander Wolfe, now Axel Tischer, has weighed in on this perception and made his opinion of the negativity quite clear.

Speaking to Steve Fall of Ten Count podcast, the former member of Sanity and Imperium, said:

“[WWE] want[s] to get newer talents into that system.

“They want to put out talent that is well-trained in a safe environment, in a professional environment, just to perform and deliver for people who want to love wrestling.”

Turning his attention to the opinion of those outside of the wrestling business, Tischer went on to say:

“People don’t understand that. They’ve been mad about WWE, that they put out ‘NXT UK.’

“How dare they [make it so that] everybody [has no problems] paying their rent, and make it possible to make a nice living and feed their families in a safe environment!

“Where they get treated well, where they have a physical therapist and have everything that some promotions will never have.”

He would argue that the NXT UK environment went beyond financial reward and healthcare, concluding with his opinion of the British wrestling scene at the time:

“Also, they work in a safe environment where they do not get bullied or harassed, or whatever, because #SpeakingOut taught us everything, that England was a little bit naughty.

“So in that case? ‘F’ those guys, because [they’re] jealous motherf**kers.”

NXT UK go on “hiatus” in September 2023, with former NXT UK star Nina Samuels discussing how Covid had affected the brand.

Following the news of the break, WWE would announce plans for a new brand called NXT Europe.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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