Former WWE Star Says Proposed New Brand Will ‘Rattle Business’

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former WWE Star Says Proposed New Brand Will ‘Rattle Business’ WWE

In 2022, it was announced that WWE had plans to launch a new wrestling brand to sit alongside WWE NXT as a replacement for NXT UK.

Whilst details of the brand have been thin on the ground, NXT Europe was scheduled to come into existence in 2023.

Former WWE star Alexander Wolfe has given his opinion on the impact the proposed brand will have on wrestling.

In an interview with Steve Fall of the Ten Count, the man now known as Axel Tischer spoke about NXT Europe, saying:

“I believe it will also rattle the business a bit, because I believe a lot of guys are set there to get a chance to try out, maybe, hopefully, make it possible to get hired and get [a] contract and make a living out of that.”

Tischer would also explain what this would mean for the independent wrestling scene across Europe, stating:

“But also it means that a lot of people, they have to step up because a lot of promotions will lose their top talents, of course.

“But then they have to be smart about it, just put some new people in [their] place.”

He would reframe the subject of competition, not with WWE but among the independent scene itself, when NXT Europe arrives, explaining:

“Healthy competition is good for business, and that’s healthy competition.

“You do not really want to compete with ‘NXT Europe’ because you do not have the finances for that.

“But also, the healthy competition is, ‘OK, you want to take my top guy? You want to sign them? Good for them! He’s from us! Good luck! We’re happy for you! Congratulations!

“By the way, we have this guy, who proved so much that now we push him to the moon for our company and he will be the next main eventer.

“And then his spot will [be taken by] someone else what was underneath him.”

Tischer’s call for a constant renewal of the business stands in stark contrast to the reaction of some vocal wrestling fans when NXT UK was launched in 2018.

The former member of Sanity and Imperium gave his opinion of wrestling fans who accused WWE of hurting the independent scene, calling them “jealous motherf**kers”.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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