WWE Star Publicly Airs Grievances After Not Being Used For Months

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Star Publicly Airs Grievances After Not Being Used For Months WWE

A WWE star has aired their grievances after months of not being used in a series of now-deleted posts on social media.

After signing with WWE in 2015, Aliyah made her main-roster debut in November 2021, joining the SmackDown brand.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion revealed that she has been cleared to wrestle since October, having suffered an injury in September 2022.

Despite this, Aliyah has been absent from WWE television.

In a string of now-deleted Tweets, Aliyah responded to a fan asking what she’d been since October, saying:

“Umm, i don’t know…”

Another fan would note that she could do backstage shoots, with Aliyah pointing out:

“If only I was backstage”

A fan also gave the suggestion that she should return to the ring if she felt bored, to which Aliyah replied:

“ain’t my call.”

Responding to questions over her involvement in the upcoming WWE 2k23 game and WWE Elimination Chamber, she would reply with:

“Sorry to let you down.”

Aliyah held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Raquel Rodriguez in August 2022.

Despite being cleared to wrestle since October 2022 and ready to go again, it looks like WWE creative had nothing for her.

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