WWE Has Seemingly Told All Talent To Get Vaccinated

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Has Seemingly Told All Talent To Get Vaccinated

Going by a recent Twitter post from Jerry Lawler, it seems like WWE has instructed all talent to get fully vaccinated by Hell in a Cell.

Lawler’s string of tweets explained that vaccinated talent will be “good to go”, but those that aren’t will still have to wear masks and be tested before shows.

He tweeted:

WWE called and said everyone needs to be fully vaccinated before the next pay per view in June, so here I am! Didn’t hurt a bit!!!

1st let me comment on some of the comments after this tweet of mine. The WWE has the same covid policy as MLB. If you’re fully vaccinated, you’re good to go. If not, you must still wear a mask at the event and be tested before an event.

Some people question why I waited so long to get vaccinated. It’s because I already had covid back around the 1st of the year I had antibodies and didn’t feel the need.

Lawler is regularly used as a panelist on pay-per-view pre-shows so it looks like the rule will be the same for wrestlers, presenters and pretty much everyone.

Hell in a Cell takes place on June 20 and the only match confirmed so far is Rhea Ripley defending the Raw Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair.

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