WWE Splitting Up Alpha Academy Update

WWE Splitting Up Alpha Academy Update WWE

After weeks of Chad Gable showing an abusive streak towards his Alpha Academy proteges, it seemed his rage boiled over on tonight’s WWE Raw.

Shown earlier in the night in a backstage segment, Gable questioned why Akira Tozawa wasn’t in Saudi Arabia and blamed part of the Intercontinental Championship loss on being distracted, wondering where Tozawa was.

Moving on to Maxxine, Gable again insulted her intellect and forbade her from accompanying Otis to the ring for his match later against Big Bronson Reed.

Commanding Otis to win, it seemed there would be stiff consequences in the event Otis wasn’t able to pull out a victory.

After Otis lost to Big Bronson Reed on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw – because of Gable constantly berating him – Gable called out the rest of Alpha Academy for an impromptu meeting inside the ring.

Calling Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri from the back, the show went to commercial break as Gable noted he was holding an immediate team meeting.

Returning from commercial break, all three Alpha Academy team members were in the ring with Chad Gable.

With Gable telling Otis that he “blew it,” he said that Otis lacked discipline so tonight he would show him discipline in front of everybody, and got ready to whip Otis with his belt.

However, when Maxxine interrupted Gable from swinging, Gable began mocking her before he threw her out of the ring and told her to not come back.

Before Gable could continue to whip Otis, instead Sami Zayn came out, pausing to check on Maxxine before angrily storming to the ring.

Telling Gable that he should only blame himself for his failures instead of others, Sami Zayn would encourage Otis to stand up for himself, butinstead, Zayn got sucker punched by Chad Gable.

After a continued beatdown while Otis and Akira Tozawa stood by watching on – torn as to whether to help or not – the crowd chanted ‘Let’s Go Otis!’ as the sad big man paused on his way out of the ring.

Despite the hesitation, he would continue to leave with Gable and Tozawa.

With Michael Cole describing the situation as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, it seems that the trio remains intact, for now anyway.

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