WWE Star Issues Apology For Behavior, Returns To TV

WWE Star Issues Apology For Behavior, Returns To TV WWE

Brooks Jensen made a full appearance on WWE NXT tonight, meeting with General Manager Ava to discuss his recent antics.

UPDATE: It appears Jensen’s apology may not have been entirely heartfelt, as he was shown attacking Je’Von Evans backstage just minutes later, before Josh Briggs put a stop to it.

There has been a storyline ongoing for months with Jensen become increasingly unsettled with his position in NXT to the point his behavior led to him being kicked out of the Performance Center.

A lot of this played out on social media, but it made its way to TV recently with several instances of Jensen showing up at NXT uninvited and being removed by security.

At one point on social media he even stated that he was leaving WWE, but that was never legitimately the case.

Things even went as far as him appearing at indie shows – notably for his father former WWE star Bull Buchanan’s promotion.

He appeared on tonight’s WWE NXT in a backstage meeting with Ava to discuss the situation.

Jensen seemed very calm and apologetic, saying he knew he took things too far and he was sorry for how he’s been acting.

Ava cautioned him that she and Shawn Michaels were very close to releasing him, but a couple of people vouched for him, and they’ve decided to give him a second chance.

Jensen, perhaps interestingly, noted that he has a great “support system” around him now, but it’s unclear whether that was a hint at something like a new group, or just a throwaway line.

Brooks Jensen ended things by saying “this is my life and I’m gonna make an impact, I promise you”, before shaking hands with Ava.

This isn’t the first time he’s used the line that he’s going to “make an impact”, which some fans took as a tease that he could appear in TNA in the future.

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