Another WWE Star Undergoing Huge Character Change?

Another WWE Star Undergoing Huge Character Change? WWE

WWE star Asuka may have teased a huge and unexpected upcoming character change via her official Twitter account.

Asuka most recently appeared on this Monday’s (December 5) edition of WWE Raw, where she lost a triple threat match against Rhea Ripley and eventual winner Bayley.

It seems that the loss may have affected Asuka more than anticipated, as she posted several tweets that hint at a darker change for the Empress of Tomorrow.

In one, Asuka retweeted a tweet from the WWE Twitter account asking who would win the Raw triple threat, saying:

“I think everyone should choose someone other than me.”

In another, retweeting the same tweet, Asuka said:

“Two of them, except me! You don’t need me for this choice. I’m going to listen to MEGADETH and go to bed.”

In another, posted after the match, the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion said:

“I don’t want respect. I have never wanted to be respected. I don’t care about that. I’m going to listen to the new Metallica song and go to bed.”

She also posted a number of pictures of herself with face makeup on, in her former gimmick as Kana from her time wrestling in Japan.

One of the pictures is captioned “the world is full of s**t”.

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