WWE Attorney Tells Vince McMahon ‘I Do Want To Retire’

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Attorney Tells Vince McMahon ‘I Do Want To Retire’

Jerry McDevitt has represented WWE in court for over 35 years, having battled alongside Vince McMahon and his conglomerate in the courtroom for many legal battles, including the famous steroid trial.

McDevitt is currently representing WWE in their lawsuit against MLW. His longstanding relationship with McMahon has kept him around for so long, but McDevitt admitted that he tells Vince McMahon ‘all the time’ that he wants to retire.

He told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“WWE is a major client, but I have other clients. I also represented Dr. Cyril Wecht. I’ll be 72 in January, so I’ve been trying to turn it down a little bit as I’m headed into retirement. But because of my longstanding relationship with WWE, I continue to represent them, although I keep telling Vince I do want to retire. Most relationships nowadays with lawyers and publicly traded companies are at the general counsel level. Outside lawyers work with the general counsel of the company and never with the CEO or chairman of the board. But my contact and my relationship is directly with and to Vince. It always has been. It always will be. That’s kind of a unique relationship in the landscape of the law these days for the outside counsel to have that sort of direct relationship.”

MLW COO MSL recently commented on the lawsuit they filed against WWE, which you can read here.

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