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5 years ago by Oli Davis

The Rock Now John Cena’s Boss

Last weekend saw three former and part-time WWE wrestlers chart their own movies in the US box office – with Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson’s Rampage at fourth, John Cena’s Blockers in 8th and Batista’s Avengers: Infinity War debuting at No. 1.

Thanks to Braun Strowman’s dad, Thanos, Batista easily won that particular triple threat. So how can The Dwayne and Cena possibly compete? By doing the old comic book trick of Su-Su-Su-Su-Super Team Up! of course.

After battling each other at consecutive WrestleManias in 2012 and 2013, and then memorably teaming together to defeat the evil Erick Rowan, Rock has now announced they’ll work together once more in the realm of motion pictures:

It’s just the latest example of Rock trying to prise wrestlers away from WWE… if that’s even a thing.

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