WWE Backstage Announces When CM Punk Will Return

3 years ago by Andy Datson

WWE Backstage Announces When CM Punk Will Return

WWE Backstage has announced that special contributor and former WWE Champion CM Punk will return to the show on next week’s episode.

The weekly show has been airing at 12pm ET on FS1 for the last couple of weeks, but will be returning to its regular 11pm ET slot for Punk’s return. FS1 will be airing WrestleMania 31 in full before WWE Backstage at 7pm ET.

While it isn’t the return to the ring may have prayed for for a number of years, Punk’s appearances on the show have significantly increased the amount of people that tune in to watch.

His last appearance was on May 12, when he discussed, among other thing, WWE’s new ice cream treats and how the company should have booked Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement.


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