WWE Backstage Ends 2019 With Low Viewership

3 years ago by Nate

WWE Backstage Ends 2019 With Low Viewership

According to Showbuzz Daily, the December 31 edition of WWE Backstage drew 97,000 viewers.  This number was down from the Christmas Eve show the week prior.

The Christmas Eve show drew 153,000.  It did slightly beat the December 17 edition.  That show did 95,000 viewers.

The December 17th show did not finish in the top 150 shows for the night.  However, the new year’s show finished 124th.

Even though the number was identical, there were fewer overall viewers for the night.  This means WWE was able to grab a higher percentage of the folks watching TV.

When WWE Backstage was announced, the hope would be it would be similar to the magazine shows covering MLB, UFC, or any of the college sports on Fox Sports.  However, given the fact WWE is very controlling of what is allowed to be discussed on the show, it hasn’t reached those goals.

The show also has a tough time slot.  11pm on the east coast for a show which recaps what happened the week before is a tough time to pull in viewers.

Of course, if the content was a little more must-see, I’m sure viewers would tune in.

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