WWE Backstage Reaction To Tony Khan’s Ariel Helwani Tweet

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WWE Backstage Reaction To Tony Khan’s Ariel Helwani Tweet MMA Hour

WWE’s backstage reaction to Tony Khan’s Ariel Helwani tweet has been revealed.

Months ago, Tony Khan appeared on Ariel Helwani’s show for an interview, but avoided answering many of Helwani’s questions, which Helwani then spoke about the following day and said it was one of the most frustrating interviews he’s ever done.

On the February 17 edition of SmackDown, Helwani appeared on the show as an on-air personality and Khan took notice with a now-infamous tweet calling the combat sports journalist “a fraud”. After an icy reply from Helwani, WWE got in on the feud with a few subtle digs at the AEW President during the Elimination Chamber premium live event.

During Monday’s edition of his show MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani detailed the backstage reaction to his Twitter feud with Tony Khan over the weekend.

Speaking on the SmackDown appearance, he mentioned how people were “buzzing” backstage about Tony Khan’s tweet toward him.

Despite debating if he should reply, Helwani decided to tweet his reply on the way back home and felt bad for Tony Schiavone being mentioned by Khan. He never addressed why he specifically called Khan “snowman”.

After the second hit on SmackDown, Helwani was invited back for Elimination Chamber. When he arrived at the event, he saw Michael Cole who said, “Just wait until you hear how I introduce you.”

Ariel joked his tweet toward Khan “popped the boys in the back.” Addressing his critics, he said:

“I felt like I was part of the team, If I disappointed you by doing this (WWE appearance), I don’t give a f**k.”

Helwani also confirmed that the appearances were a one-off and there were no plans for him to do anything further. He feels that the tweet helped him get invited back for the premium live event.

You can read all about the back and forth by clicking here.

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