WWE Bans Lars Sullivan Headbutt…Except For Special Occasions

4 years ago by Andy Datson

WWE Bans Lars Sullivan Headbutt…Except For Special Occasions

WWE has a history of banning moves they deem too dangerous, like certain varieties of the piledriver, the muscle buster and of course the Bayley to Belly off the second rope.

When debuting on the main roster, Lars Sullivan would hit his foes with a freak accident or two before hitting a naff diving headbutt, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the headbutt will now be a rare sight.

Lars will be using the freak accident and a running sit-down powerbomb as his finishing moves going forward, with the headbutt only being whipped out for special occasions, like Thanksgiving.


To be fair to WWE, the diving headbutt is a move that has caused a fair amount of trouble over the years, with the likes of Harley Race, Chris Benoit and X-Pac all using it. Race said later in his career that he wish he’d never invented the move after suffering a number of neck issues.

It’s likely that Lars will only bring the diving headbutt out for big matches or angles where they are trying to get something over.

It’s just as well that Lars’ headbutt is a bit rubbish, with him landing on his arm more than anything.

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