WWE Star Wants Triple H To Change His Gimmick?

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Star Wants Triple H To Change His Gimmick? WWE

A WWE star has hinted that he’d like a change of gimmick, returning to a past character, and seemingly hopes that a fan Tweet will help.

With recent news that Triple H has “given up” on Baron Corbin’s recent push with JBL, it was reported that the pair split as Triple H felt it “wasn’t working”, Corbin has seemingly found a suggested path to redemption.

A fan on Twitter posted the suggestion:

PLEASE  @TripleH @WWE, make  @BaronCorbinWWE into “Bum Ass” Corbin again! With balding hairline, unshaven face, & dishevelled appearance again!

“That was EASILY his best character. You can do SO MUCH: thief, or underling, or kingpin, or gritty *dangerous* man w/ nothing left to lose!”

Among the people who would like the Tweet was Baron Corbin himself.

Corbin had been aligned with JBL on WWE Raw since October 2022, with the formerly King, then Sad, then Happy Corbin becoming “The Modern Day Wrestling God.”

His new winning ways would last until his loss to Drew McIntyre on the November 22 episode of WWE Raw.

By January, Corbin would be eliminated in the Royal Rumble by Seth “Freakin” Rollins in seven seconds and then lose to Dexter Lumix on the February 6 episode of WWE Raw.

This would bring the Corbin/JBL alliance to an end.

‘Bum Ass’ Corbin would be the Sad Baron Corbing period of 2021 where, following the loss of his King Corbin crown, Corbin had also lost his investments, car, wife, house and whatever else he possessed.

He would become Happy Corbin in August 27 thanks to a Las Vegas win and not due to his crowdfunding attempts as Sad Corbin.

Corbin is a former United States Champion and was the Most Hated of the Year in the 2016 WWE Year-End Awards.

He has been both a Money in the Bank winner and King of the Ring winner, in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

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