Scrapped Faction Name For Damage CTRL Revealed

3 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Scrapped Faction Name For Damage CTRL Revealed WWE

When Bayley was pitching the idea for what would be Damage CTRL, she revealed a name idea scrapped due to “legal stuff.”

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on the BT Sport YouTube page, Bayley revealed how Damage CTRL came into being, saying:

“That is something that I’ve thought about for a couple years before it actually happened. I know Dakota has talked about this in her interviews in the past. It had a different group of people as the time went on.”

Bayley would go on to discuss the idea and, in particular, faction names, saying:

“I had a few different ideas. We threw out a million different names. Creative came back with a million different names too and we just couldn’t get on the same page. Then you have to also go through legal and all this stuff.

“My first original one, I wanted it to be called. ‘The Now’. To me, it was that I didn’t care about the championships I won in the past, I don’t care about what happens next, like these girls right here and what we’re about to do, the present is all that matters.

“The Now was my first idea, but there’s a show called The Now or something like that. You know, it’s just legal stuff.”

She would then go on to discuss whether Damage CTRL would have actually happened without Triple H in charge of creative, concluding:

“No. Not even close. I didn’t know any ideas that they had for me (when she came back from her injury). Even if I asked creative, they weren’t really sure because they were waiting until I was 100% clear, so I had no idea what I was doing.

“To me, I feel like I would have just fallen back into the same place that I was. Not that that’s a bad thing, because I didn’t get to do anything with the fans, you know.

“So it is still all being new to me and I would have turned it up a million.

“But this, to me, is what I wanted and what I needed, even in my career, not just to help IYO and Dakota and the division. To me, it just adds another layer and another piece of evolution to my character and to show a different side of me.”

Triple H was in charge of WWE NXT when Bayley signed with the company in 2012.

During her time in the black and gold brand, she’d be the NXT Women’s Champion.

Since joining the main roster, Bayley has held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship twice and the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

She’s the first WWE Women’s Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

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