Top WWE Star Opens Up About Importance Of Female Audience

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Top WWE Star Opens Up About Importance Of Female Audience WWE

A top WWE star has spoken about the importance of capturing and growing the female wrestling fan demographic.

Becky Lynch addressed the subject of females fans on the Know Mercy podcast, saying:

“I think our female audience is 40% now? And I think you get that reliability. For example, the UFC, I prefer watching the women fight, because I’m a woman, so I can picture myself in that regard.

“It’s just … we’re all just people doing a sport. We’re all just telling stories. I think, gender aside, we do bring in a larger female audience because we show what [women are] capable [of].

“But, in general, I think we’re at this stage, where, gender be damned, we’re just flowing with our stories and we’re just [WWE] Superstars.”

She would go on to clarify her comments, explaining everyone can be a top star in the main event and that she:

“was talking about ‘gender be damned’ in terms of storylines.”

She would also state that she feels that female fans buy more merchandise.

In the interview, Lynch would also discuss her future plans and possible retirement from in-ring competition.

Lynch has also recently praised Rhea Ripley, describing her as “the future of wrestling.”

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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