Big E WWE Update Ahead Of Royal Rumble

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Big E WWE Update Ahead Of Royal Rumble WWE

Big E has been out of action for the past ten months after suffering a broken neck on the March 11 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown

His New Day teammate Kofi Kingston recently provided an update on Big E’s recovery, confirming that he’s “doing great.”

Kingston would also confirm that Big E hadn’t had to have surgery on his neck.

With WWE Royal Rumble taking place this weekend, a new report has revealed that Big E is in San Antonio, Texas.

PW Insider reports that they believe that this marks the first major WWE event that Big E has attended in person.

Whilst he was part of Summerslam weekend in 2022, he wasn’t at the PPV itself.

He was, however, involved in WWE tryouts during that weekend.

Big E recently shared his own recovery update, explaining that he will get more scans in March, the one-year mark of the initial injury.

He would go on to say that:

“My C1 is broken in two spots, so we obviously have to be very smart about that. I was very fortunate.”

Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have recently returned from Australia as part of a media tour promoting the WWE Network.

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