WWE Blocks AEW Wrestler From Using Ring Name

WWE Blocks AEW Wrestler From Using Ring Name

If you were a very astute listener to AEW last night, you might have noticed Billy Gunn was just referred to as Billy from The Gunn Club, Billy, or Billy and Austin Gunn.

This is because WWE has blocked the use of his full name as part of his ring name. Basically, he’s not allowed to use Gunn.

This is what Dave Meltzer had to say on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Well, he is not allowed to use the word Gunn. I think the WWE lawyers got on him. So he is just Billy.”

It seems WWE loves making people have only one name so much, they’ve now extended their reach to AEW’s roster. So, it’s just Billy.

According to WrestlingNews.co the dispute only pertains to his ring name. He has the rights to make merchandise and other goods with Billy Gunn.

He just can’t use it as his name. Seems pretty petty from WWE. Of course, they forced Cody to be introduced as Cody and Brandi Rhodes for years.

So, it looks like we’ll be getting Billy and Austin Gunn for the time being. I guess it could be worse.

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