What Happened When The Bloodline Confronted CM Punk On WWE SmackDown

What Happened When The Bloodline Confronted CM Punk On WWE SmackDown WWE

The Bloodline interrupted CM Punk on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown (June 21) with a heated confrontation.

Entering to a thunderous crowd response from Chicago, CM Punk first addressed the crowd regarding his Clash at the Castle appearance costing Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

CM Punk said he hates to kick a man when he is down but Clash at the Castle was indeed ‘a little bit of revenge’.

Punk said for weeks into months, Drew McIntyre kicked him when he was down, and because of that, he planned on returning and burying McIntyre’s entire career.

However Punk was surprised that it “was that easy”, as Drew ‘quit’ on WWE Raw, but as he was mid-sentence he was interrupted by a major name from his past.

Paul Heyman, the ‘Wise Man’ of WWE’s Bloodline appeared and asked to join Punk in the ring, to which Punk obliged.

With CM Punk asking Heyman if he was alright, he noted that Heyman didn’t look so good before Heyman went in for a hug.

Heyman wiped away tears as he said, “I’m sorry I needed that,” and went on to say that he came out because he was listening to sports radio on the way in and he heard that Chicago was described as “CM Punk’s town”.

And according to Heyman, that “really pissed off Solo,” and, Heyman felt compelled to give Punk the heads up that if he didn’t get out of here right now, the Bloodline was coming for him on WWE SmackDown.

However, Heyman also noted that he would ask for a favor in return, which would end up being that he wanted CM Punk to take Heyman with him.

However, when Punk wouldn’t back down and the Bloodline were approaching, Cody Rhodes ran in and provided Punk with a baseball bat equalizer.

While the segment would lead to a match later between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa for later tonight, it also continued to set up the dynamics of a crumbling former Bloodline giving way to Solo’s era.

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