WWE Hall Of Famer Wants To Join The Bloodline

WWE Hall Of Famer Wants To Join The Bloodline WWE

A backstage video has appeared on the WWE TikTok account showing a Hall of Famer stating his case to join The Bloodline.

In the video, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was backstage during the WWE Raw 30 Anniversary show with Paul Heyman.

Hogan can be heard saying to the Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief:

“Wise man! I’m tired of this Hulkamania cr*p. I wanna be Uced up!

“Then. Now. Forever. The future. I need some Uce. Some Uce juice.”

Heyman can be seen laughing at the suggestion and Hogan’s facial expression in the last second suggests he probably realizes what he’s just said.

The 30th Anniversary episode of WWE Raw saw the Trial of Sami Zayn, in which Zayn would receive a stay of execution from Roman Reigns.

Zayn would, however, betray the Tribal Chief’s trust at Royal Rumble on January 28.

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1 year ago by Dave Adamson


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