WWE Star Returns From ‘Suspension’ On Raw

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Returns From ‘Suspension’ On Raw WWE

A WWE star has returned to WWE Raw from ‘suspension’ and hopped on the mic to declare that he would be winning the Royal Rumble!

Find out what WWE star returned on tonight’s WWE Raw (January 9) and declared that he wasn’t just back on Raw, he was going to win the Royal Rumble.

On tonight’s WWE Raw, there was a segment which broke two pieces of news as Austin Theory attempted to brag about taking out Seth Rollins.

That was until Rollins appeared, first on crutches but then quickly abandoning them (yet still with a bit of a limp) it was unclear what injury status the Visionary may be announcing.

Snatching the mic from Theory, Rollins noted that while he wasn’t currently at 100%, he would be in time for the Royal Rumble.

On his way up the ramp, he was met by a returning Bobby Lashley who came into the ring to take out Theory and then also got on the mic himself.

With commentary noting that Bobby Lashley hadn’t been seen on WWE Raw for four weeks since his near firing at the hands of Adam Pearce, he claimed that he was back.

Noting that he was back “from suspension”, Lashley was confident in his Royal Rumble chances!

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