WWE Hall Of Famer Critiques Carmelo Hayes Vs. Bron Breakker, Rates It ‘6 Out Of 10’

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Hall Of Famer Critiques Carmelo Hayes Vs. Bron Breakker, Rates It ‘6 Out Of 10’ WWE

NXT’s WrestleMania weekend event Stand & Deliver featured a blockbuster main event between the brand’s two leading lights Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes.

Breakker would see his year-long NXT Championship reign ended by Hayes, following interference from Trick Williams.

This week’s NXT (April 4) would present a major swerve in the form of a Breakker heel turn, viciously avenging his loss with a beatdown of both Hayes and Williams.

NXT commentator Booker T would give his verdict on the match and whether it lived up to the hype and expectation via his own Hall of Fame Podcast.

Booker said:

“As far as the match goes, on a scale of one to ten, I give it a six.

“I’m not going to go too higher than a six just because I know what I’m looking for. If you’re a gymnast, and you’re doing the vault, what am I looking for? Most important thing in the vault? I’m looking to see if these guys stick the dismount.

“I’m still looking, still waiting. Did they go out there and perform? Yes, they did. I just thought they were walking their way through it as opposed to feeling their way through it.”

While Booker thinks the match itself could have been better, he has praised the decision to have Hayes get the victory as well as Breakker’s heel turn on Tuesday’s NXT.

“I thought it could have been a lot better. Do I think the right guy won? Yeah. What they did on Tuesday with Bron Breakker turning heel, I like that.

“I like Bron Breakker better as a heel. He should have started out as a heel, but with him having the pedigree, background, and name, you jumpstart him as a babyface, I get that too.

“I’m from the school that, you put him out there as a heel first and it teaches him everything he needs to know about being a babyface because he’s working babyfaces.”

NXT’s next major event is NXT Battleground on May 28, the poster for the show features both Breakker and Hayes prominently, seemingly suggesting a rematch is likely.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful.

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