Brock Lesnar Botch Is ‘Moment People Remember’ Says WWE Hall of Famer

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Brock Lesnar Botch Is ‘Moment People Remember’ Says WWE Hall of Famer WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has reflected on a moment that overshadowed their main event match and is still remembered by WWE fans to this day.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle looked back on the moment in which Brock Lesnar almost broke his own neck, reflecting:

“Besides the actual finish, that match was pretty damn close to being one of the greatest matches of all time.

“I mean, besides the issue that Brock actually missed the Shooting Star Press and landed on his head, you know, almost broke his neck.”

Angle did, however, find a bright moment in the botch, saying:

“But, at the same time, that was such an incredible WrestleMania moment that people remember that forever.

“So that spot right there in WrestleMania 19 actually made the match better because people remember it.”

Lesnar would defeat Angle for the WWE Championship.

To date, Brock Lesnar has been the seven-time WWE Champion and has held the WWE Universal Championship three times.

Transcript from ewrestlingnews.

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