WWE Hall Of Famer Doesn’t Want This Character To Return

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Doesn’t Want This Character To Return WWE

Bray Wyatt’s story continues to build momentum in WWE, with LA Knight recently accusing Wyatt of being Uncle Howdy, until Howdy arrived.

LA Knight may have escaped his kidnapper on WWE SmackDown, but there’s one element of Bray Wyatt’s past that a former WWE star is concerned might be harder to escape.

Speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray spoke on the subject of the darkness of the Bray Wyatt story and the element he hopes we don’t see, saying:

“I’d rather just see Bray Wyatt back than an incarnation of The Fiend, and maybe we’re gonna get Bray like we got Finn and we’re not gonna rely on the gimmicky things like Finn hasn’t unleashed The Demon in a long time.

“We’re getting Finn Balor.

“Hopefully, we just stick with Bray Wyatt, with bits and pieces of The Fiend being thrown back in.”

Whilst Balor’s persona of The Demon hasn’t been seen for quite some time, there have been recent reports of a possible return for the character at Royal Rumble.

Exploring the issue of The Fiend as an in-ring character, Bully Ray described the issues of such a powerful entity, explaining:

“It’s one of those characters that it’s so great that sometimes it backs itself and books itself into a corner because would the character do this?

“If the character is this maniacal madman, how can anything possibly hurt him?”

Uncle Howdy may not be Bray Wyatt, as LA Knight thought, but his identity may have been revealed.

The Fiend last appeared, in a fashion, as part of WWE Extreme Rules 2022, when the Firefly Fun House came to life.

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