Former WWE Champion Discusses Claims He Was Buried By Triple H

Former WWE Champion Discusses Claims He Was Buried By Triple H WWE

Former WWE star Rob Van Dam has addressed claims that he was buried by Triple H during his time with the company.

Rob Van Dam is notably a WWE Hall of Famer, inducted as part of the class of 2021.

The former ECW star recently appeared on the Cafe de Rene podcast, where he commented on rumors that Triple H buried him in WWE.

Noting that he originally thought Triple H did, but arguing in hindsight that he was a wildcard, Van Dam said:

“What’s funny like at this stage having the perspective of a much bigger picture. That means something completely different than it did back then.

“With that competitive heart being in the mix back in 2005 or whatever, then it felt like, ‘this motherf**ker, like he’s competition with me, and just because he doesn’t like me he’s holding me back. And if it wasn’t for him, boom’

“I don’t take it as personal if that is the truth, you know. I think that Hunter had the right, just like anybody did, to think that I was a bit of a wildcard, you know.

“Because I was a non-conformist and also kinda like pushed back to authority and I was very uncensored in every which way.”

The former WWE Champion last wrestled for WWE in 2014, defeating Seth Rollins via countout on the August 26 edition of SmackDown.

Van Dam is still active on the independent scene.

Transcription via Sportskeeda

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