WWE Called ‘Shameless’ By Auschwitz Memorial Museum For WrestleMania 39 Vignette

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Called ‘Shameless’ By Auschwitz Memorial Museum For WrestleMania 39 Vignette WWE

A vignette that aired during a WrestleMania 39 entrance has drawn the ire of a historical memorial museum, calling WWE “shameless”.

Ahead of Dominik Mysterio’s prison themed WrestleMania 39 entrance, various footage was shown that many viewers may have shrugged off as stock images.

However some fans made note that one of the images used was very famous and not at all appropriate for use: Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp.

When a wrestling website brought the fact to the attention of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, they responded to the clip.

The museum’s social media account wrote:

“The fact that Auschwitz image was used to promote a WWE match is hard to call “an editing mistake”. Exploiting the site that became a symbol of enormous human tragedy is shameless and insults the memory of all victims of Auschwitz.”

After the story was further covered by Wrestling Observer online, the museum also replied:

“Sportspeople were among victims of #Auschwitz. Some could practice wrestling, boxing, football, basketball & more – often as entertainment for SS guards.

“Remember them with us. RT & share our #podcast “Sport & sportspeople in Auschwitz” ⬇️”

You can find the podcast ‘Sport & sportspeople in Auschwitz’ from the Auschwitz Memorial Museum by clicking this link. 

At time of writing, WWE has not commented on the use of the image during the vignette.

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