WWE ‘Can’t Wait’ For NXT Star To Be On Main Roster

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE ‘Can’t Wait’ For NXT Star To Be On Main Roster

WWE is reportedly highly anticipating the debut of a former NXT Champion on the main roster.

Since his debut last year, Karrion Kross has became one of NXT’s most dominant acts. Defeating Keith Lee for the NXT Championship at his second TakeOver, Kross found success on the brand fast.

WWE is reportedly high on Kross’ work and is looking forward to his main roster call-up. As per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there are many talented stars in NXT, but Kross has been singled out because of his impressive stature.

When discussing the recent release of Lars Sullivan, the question was posed as to why WWE didn’t send him back to NXT. Meltzer noted that the likes of Sullivan, Kross and Braun Strowman are very much not intended to be in NXT for the long term.

Here is the full quote:

“There’s some guys, like Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole, who unfortunately because of their size they conclude should be in NXT. And then there’s guys like Lars Sullivan or Braun Strowman who they conclude should be on the main roster even when they’re green to a degree because they’re big guys and they look real impressive. And they believe that looking real impressive attracts more people, and NXT only attracts a niche audience compared to Raw and SmackDown, which is true.

“Karrion Kross is being groomed for the main roster. Roderick Strong, who can work rings around Karrion Kross, may never be on the main roster. It’s just how it is. They can’t wait to get Karrion Kross on the main roster. He’s gonna go through with whatever he needs to go through before he gets there, but he’s getting there.”

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The relationship between NXT and WWE used to be very linear, with most signing with NXT understanding they’ll eventually reach the main roster.

No longer seen solely as a developmental brand, stars such as Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have publicly expressed desires to remain on NXT for as long as possible.

Karrion Kross returned to in ring competition in December, after being forced to vacate the NXT Championship due to injury. Undefeated since his return to action, the future looks bright for Kross, whether he’s on NXT, Raw or Smackdown.

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