WWE Star Opens Up About New Heel Character & Real-Life Similarities

WWE Star Opens Up About New Heel Character & Real-Life Similarities WWE

Chad Gable has had something of a change of mindset recently on WWE television as he continues to remodel Alpha Academy.

The Alpha Academy leader turned heel with an attack on Sami Zayn during the April 15 WWE Raw, going on to interfere in his Intercontinental Championship match against Bronson Reed on April 29.

With Maxxine Dupri, Otis and Akira Tozawa struggling for acceptance under the leadership of Gable, it’s been suggested and teased that they could be replaced by the Creed Brothers.

From referring to Dupri as “Taylor Not-So-Swift” to forcing Otis to attack Sami Zayn on the May 20 WWE Raw (as can be seen below), Gable’s heel character is, apparently, closer to the real him!

Speaking to TNT Sports, Gable discussed his heel turn and real-life similarities, saying:

“It’s certainly easier (than being a babyface), I’ll tell you that much. Most people probably identify with the fact that it’s easier to get people to hate you than it is to like you.

“But it is – at least this version of it – believe it or not is probably the closest to maybe my real personality than anything else I’ve done.

“Not to say that I’m a jerk, but I am a very hard-nosed, disciplined human being in real life. And if you ask anyone close to me, they’d tell you the same.

“Now, I don’t necessarily talk to them the way that I talk to Alpha Academy right now, but they also do know that when it comes down to the things that I take seriously, which is training, fitness, anything that I apply that discipline to, they don’t interfere in that part of my life because otherwise those tendencies in me do come out, and they might catch me a little crankier than I normally would be when I’m having my coffee or something. So it’s a very real part of my personality, which is cool.

“I told Otis, when we’re doing some of this character work and stuff on TV that we’ve been doing lately, it’s so fun to me because there is zero stress or thinking involved. When I’m going through and working through some of these promo segments or interviews, I don’t think at all. It just comes out and I’m like, man, that feels good because I’m not even working now, I’m just being me.

“It feels like it’s resonating because people are seeing something from me that they’re like, ‘Man, we’ve been waiting to see this’.”

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Gable also discussed his career in WWE, which started in November 2013, considering it “special” and sharing his gratitude for the opportunities he’s had to date.

You can read more about that here.

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