WWE Teases Major Character Change?

WWE Teases Major Character Change? WWE

Has a major character change just been teased on tonight’s (November 22) WWE NXT after a loveable character suffered a loss?

When Wendy Choo took on Cora Jade on WWE NXT tonight, it was a culmination of a period of bullying by the younger star.

With Cora Jade continually mocking Wendy Choo, this match was a great opportunity for Choo to finally come out on top and triumph over the mean girl.

However, it wasn’t meant to be as villain era Cora Jade has been pretty ferocious of late and tonight was no exception.

While she needed to resort to cheating to in order to win (by snatching Choo’s cup and spitting her own drink back in her face!) still Cora Jade picked up the win.

After the match though, a distressed Wendy Choo was left in the ring literally appearing to be sobbing as a strip of false eyelashes clung to her face.

Commentary referenced it being a potential turning point for the cheery star so it’s unclear if this will be a full character reboot or just a shift in determination or viciousness for the star.

Wendy Choo is currently 6-8 thus far in 2022 in matches on TV, including tonight’s loss.

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