WWE Changes COVID-19 Testing Policy

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Changes COVID-19 Testing Policy

A new report has revealed that WWE had made some changes to its COVID-19 testing policy amidst vaccine rollouts.

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, instead of all talent having to be tested the day before a show, those who live in Orlando can now be tested the morning of a show.

The Orlando-based talent can get their tests done at the Performance Center, which is also in Orlando, the morning of the show, then drive to Tampa when they test negative.

Dave Meltzer explains:

For talent, there has also been a minor change. Previously, all talent had to get tested the day before, with the key being they would then know who failed and could adjust accordingly. Now, with so many being vaccinated, those who come from out of town get tested in Tampa at the hotel the day before the show, as before. But if you live in Orlando, you can avoid the drive to Tampa the day before the show and get tested at 8:30 a.m., or around that time, at the Performance Center, and then go home. You can then wait to get the results before having to be at the building generally around 1 p.m. for the show. It’s a convenience issue for those who live in the Orlando area, they don’t have to drive to Tampa the day before or get tested the morning of the show at 8:30 a.m., then stick around Tampa all day until the show ends at 10-11 p.m. They can test, go home for three plus hours and then leave Orlando for the 75 or so minute drive to Tampa for the show. For NXT they can test in the morning rather than the day before, and go back home for several hours. Most of the NXT performers, live in the Orlando area

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