Hall Of Famer Wants To Apologize For Bullying Former WWE Star

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Hall Of Famer Wants To Apologize For Bullying Former WWE Star WWE

A Hall of Famer wants to apologize for the way that he treated a WWE star when they were in the company together.

Charles Wright had left his The Godfather character behind to become The Goodfather in 2000.

Aligned with Right to Censor, a pro-censorship group led by Stevie Richard, he would say goodbye to his “hos” for a future and embrace the parody of the then-WWF’s legal battle with the “moral guardians” of the Parents Television Council.

It was during this period that Wright would do things of which he is now none-too-proud.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Wright would say of his attitude to Richards:

“One day I’m going to apologize to him for the way that I treated him when I see him.

“I was kind of a bully to him because I kind of blamed him for me becoming The Goodfather when it was not his fault at all.

“But I couldn’t blame Vince, but I was kind of a d**khead to him.”

Right to Censor was a faction that ran from June 2000 and June 2001.

It would feature Stevie Richards, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Val Venis, Ivory and, for a brief period, The Kat.

Collectively, they would mimic the work of the aforementioned PTC, protesting against the violence and sexualised content of the WWE.

As part of the faction, Buchanan and The Goodfather would hold WWE Tag Team gold whilst Ivory would be the WWE Women’s Champion.

She would appear in the 2022 Royal Rumble in her Right to Censor incarnation, cutting a promo deriding the unladylike behaviour of the women’s roster before she would be eliminated by Rhea Ripley.

Transcript from ewrestlingnews.

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