Major CM Punk WWE Clash At The Castle Update

Major CM Punk WWE Clash At The Castle Update WWE

A major update has emerged regarding the status of CM Punk for the WWE Clash at the Castle event in Glasgow, Scotland today.

With Drew McIntyre challenging Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship in presumably the main event, a big question on fans’ minds is whether CM Punk will be in Scotland this weekend.

The answer to that is yes.

There is now a collection of evidence that Punk is in Scotland for WWE Clash at the Castle which takes place in just a few hours.

Firstly, a photo emerged of Punk with a fan, allegedly in Scotland. On the surface, this just looked like a photo with a fan and there was no evidence that it was actually taken in Scotland or that it was even a brand new photo.

However, shortly after that, a video was posted that shows Punk arriving in a private jet – you can tell he’s arrived in the UK because of the road layout at the end of the clip – and he’s wearing the exact same outfit he was in the aforementioned photo.

Thirdly, there’s another new photo, and this one shows Punk in a Celtic FC store seemingly looking to buy himself a Celtic shirt – Celtic, of course, being the arch rivals of McIntyre’s beloved Rangers FC.

Also, he’s notably wearing the same hoodie he was in the other photo and the video of him arriving.

You can see those photos and the video below.

WWE will be hosting a two-hour pre-show for Clash at the Castle, and Punk is usually one of the hosts for those, so he may be involved in those proceedings – or WWE may opt to not show him as part of that if he’s set to appear later. UPDATE – Punk did not appear on the Countdown.

However, that doesn’t rule out him also being involved in Drew McIntyre’s match, but there’s no confirmation on whether that’s the plan or not.

We will of course keep you posted with any further updates on CM Punk, Drew McIntyre and WWE Clash at the Castle.

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