WWE Hall Of Famer Ran Class For NXT During WrestleMania Week

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Hall Of Famer Ran Class For NXT During WrestleMania Week WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has confirmed that he was brought in for a guest interview class with talent during WrestleMania week.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Flair noted that while WWE was in Los Angeles, he held a class for NXT prospects.

Flair shared his honest thoughts on WWE’s developmental talent, noting that he believes that only a small percentage of trainees will prove they have the ‘it’ factor:

“Yeah, they just did. It’s fun. They had me come into an interview class for NXT while they were in LA.

“Now they’re on this program where they’re hiring, bringing nothing but college athletes, D1 college athletes into the training center so when they’re in L.A., they brought in, I wanna say 50 or maybe even 100.

“I think it was 50 college athletes from all over the country and we went up to UCLA and they had them do endurance training.

“Then they had them come to a seminar where I talked about how to learn how to interview, which is really hard to explain because it’s gotta come from here.

“It’s gotta come from here and the biggest problem is really, if they got a hundred people, let’s say, at NXT right now, out of that 100 people, one percent might make it.

Flair also spoke about Vince McMahon, calling the WWE executive chairman his hero.

Transcription via POST Wrestling

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