WWE Star Addresses Potential CM Punk Return

WWE Star Addresses Potential CM Punk Return AEW

CM Punk posting an Instagram story of his WWE run has got many talking about the possibility of Punk returning.

Wrestling Inc was interviewing Apollo Crews in the moments after the news of the Instagram story broke.

After hearing that “a lot of people seem to think that maybe he could come back to WWE, considering how things are going”, Crews was asked how he would feel if Punk were to return to WWE, with Crews responding:

“Man, you’re asking the tough questions today?

“It’s not that I wouldn’t be happy or I wouldn’t be upset — I don’t know if I’d really feel any kind of way, honestly.

“It’s nothing against him personally or anything, but I don’t know…

“To say I’d be happy, I’m not sure.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t be sad, I wouldn’t be happy, but I think I’d just kind of be neutral with it.

“But again, extremely talented individual and only time will tell, right?”

As of the latest update, Punk, reportedly, remains under contract with AEW, with both parties working on a buyout of the remainder of his deal.

It was said that Punk was ready to move on and the delay on his release was coming from the AEW side.

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2 years ago by Dave Adamson


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