WWE Commentator Gone From The Company?

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Commentator Gone From The Company?

It has emerged that former WWE Raw commentator Tom Phillips may not be returning to the company after WrestleMania.

It had been reported that Adnan Virk will be replacing him on Raw from this coming Monday, but Phillips was still set to call WrestleMania.

However, he had to be pulled from WrestleMania due to COVID-19 reasons, and we may have seen the last of him in WWE.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said:

“Michael Cole did the whole show which was not the plan, but Tom Phillips who apparently may not be back – I don’t know what the story is, I was trying to check all day but everybody was so busy with the matches that I never really got an answer. The people I talked with had no idea if there was gonna be a change. But Tom Phillips apparently there was COVID protocol issue for tonight, and then the story is, on Monday, Adnan Virk from ESPN starts as the new announcer on Raw.”

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Phillips had been the Raw lead announcer since January 2020 when he replaced Vic Joseph who was moved to NXT.

Prior to that, Phillips had been lead announcer for all WWE brands including even NXT UK.

His current status is unclear despite Meltzer saying he “may not be back” so we’ll keep you updated with any more news.

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