WWE Continuing To Change Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee’s Presentation

10 months ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Continuing To Change Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee’s Presentation

There has been further confusion from fans online today over the presentation of Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee on tonight’s (October 25) Raw show.

On the show, Lee was hyped with a graphic simply referring to him as ‘Bearcat Lee’, which led many to believe that WWE had removed the ‘Keith’ from his name.

This was contradicted when Lee made his entrance, as he was still referred by the name Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee by the announcers and on his jacket, but had a new theme song and graphics that just said ‘Bearcat Lee’.

Lee wasn’t the only WWE star to receive some tweaks to their presentation on the show, as United States Champion Damian Priest received a new theme song and presentation on the show, showing a more aggressive side in his disqualification victory over T-Bar.

Queen’s Crown Tournament winner Zelina Vega was coronated on the show, and appears to be going by the name ‘Queen Zelina’ going forward, as she was announced as such for her match with Doudrop.

Lastly, Carmella received a new diamond encrusted mask and theme song to further her gimmick as the ‘most beautiful woman in WWE’.

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