Report: WWE Having ‘Larger Conversation’ About Wrestler Safety

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Report: WWE Having ‘Larger Conversation’ About Wrestler Safety WWE

Some recent fan interactions have led to a “larger conversation” in WWE about the safety of its stars when travelling to and from shows.

Footage had previously revealed groups of fans approaching Rey Mysterio and Liv Morgan to get them to sign memorabilia.

It has been strongly stated by a number of reports that the fans in question are seeking the autographs just to sell the items on for a profit, with Mysterio himself addressing this in a video clip.

The footage of Mysterio, in particular, apparently took place at 5AM in an airport with a fan having “dozens of items” to sign.

According to PW Insider Elite (subscription required), the footage of Mysterio had led to a “larger conversation” within WWE about other incidents that take place at airports and hotels, including towards female superstars who are stopped and followed by fans, even after they get into their cars.

The company are reportedly not happy about these incidents and is monitoring the situation.

Further to this, PW Insider Elite reports that while there is “no official edict” about what can and cannot be signed, some wrestlers have started to tell waiting fans that they “have been advised to no longer sign toys or trading cards.”

One unnamed talent is reported to have said:

“You can tell who’s a family with kids who happen to cross paths with us and who’s stalking the place with 100 items to sign and flip to the next person for a profit.”

PW Insider Elite also reports that this past weekend, several WWE wrestlers were happy to take selfies with fans who asked politely.

It is, according to the report, the numbers showing up consistently in different cities and waiting for WWE stars to leave their flight or hotels where it is becoming a nuisance.

Reportedly, a single fan asking for an autograph or selfie isn’t a problem but the post-pandemic rise of large groups waiting at baggage claims or in hotel lobbies with multiple items to be signed is becoming a more regular occurrence.

Madison Rayne recently praised Tony Khan’s investment in quality hotel books and car rentals, particularly noting the importance of security being on hand.

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