WWE Couple Shocking Break-Up

WWE Couple Shocking Break-Up WWE

UPDATE: Find out the latest development on this story at this link.

A WWE couple has shockingly broken up (on NXT television that is!) Find out which pair won’t be leaving Spring Breakin’ loved up.

There was a big mixed tag team match pitting former friends and tag partners Brooks Jensen against Josh Briggs with their respective partners being another pair of foes.

The former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Kiana James joining ‘boyfriend’ Jensen, with Fallon Henley partnering with Briggs.

Throughout the match, the feud remained fiery but in the end a miscommunication between pairs ended up costing one team the match.

When James was hoping to use her purse as a weapon, Jensen fumbled the opportunity to cheat, instead knocking her off the ringside apron.

As she was stunned on the floor, his concern for her safety distracted him long enough to be taken out by Josh Briggs with Briggs and Henley picking up the win.

After the match though as Jensen was telling James that they still had each other, instead Kiana James dumped him.

The segment ended with Josh Briggs comforting the heartbroken Brooks Jensen after Kiana James shouted at him that she never loved him.

Lest any of us forget the age old adage: bros before boss babes.

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