Major WWE Creative Plans Recently ‘Fell Apart’

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Major WWE Creative Plans Recently ‘Fell Apart’ WWE

WWE is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw tonight (January 23).

Announced for the show initially was a ‘Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony’, that was set to feature ‘every generation’ of the Bloodline.

Last week, following SmackDown, WWE changed the segment, with it now set to be a ‘Trial of Sami Zayn’.

Various speculation has emerged about the change, from Vince McMahon changing plans, to The Rock pulling out of the planned ceremony.

However, per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE’s creative plans simply ‘fell through’ due to various Bloodline members being unable to attend the show.

He said:

“Regarding the questions on the changing of the Bloodline segment from an Acknowledgment ceremony with the family of Roman Reigns to the trial of Sami Zayn, rumors regarding this had to do with The Rock pulling out or Vince McMahon changing things are both false. Rock was never booked for the segment.

“The change was made because Afa & Sika & Rikishi were all not going to be able to be there. They were to be the key people but Afa & Sika were not ready for the trip and Rikishi got sick this week so the idea basically fell apart. Creative was changed with The Bloodline story on Friday to reflect the change in Raw, a what happened was not what was originally scripted to happen”

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