Former WWE Name Calls For Simple Change To Keep Wrestling Relevant

Former WWE Name Calls For Simple Change To Keep Wrestling Relevant WWE

A former WWE name has spoken about the need for companies to bring in younger creative minds to stay current.

Speaking on Under the Ring, the former WWE, ECW and WCW star Raven explained what wrestling companies need to do, saying:

“You have to stay current. That’s always been a problem with the wrestling business — is bookers aren’t current.

“They don’t have any youth [on] the … booking committee, so to speak, who know what pop culture is, and what’s trendy and what isn’t.”

The sentiment is one that was seemingly echoed by Ronda Rousey recently who criticised “octagenarians” in WWE creative.

Raven would go on to reflect on his past in ECW and discuss whether he could do the booker role now, concluding:

“I think I would’ve been a great booker back then. Now I’m not as good as I would’ve been because, even though my wrestling knowledge is more, my pop culture knowledge [isn’t].

“… I’m 58 years old, I don’t stay current anymore.”

At present, Tony Khan is the youngest booker in mainstream wrestling at the spry age of 40.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore is 48 years old.

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H aged 53 years old.

Although he’s no longer “in the weeds on the creative end“, Vince McMahon is 77 years old.

Raven has previously spoken about his future in the wrestling ring and that he’s open to working as a producer in the industry.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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