WWE Star Unhappy With Recent Booking Decision?

4 months ago by Laura Cude

WWE Star Unhappy With Recent Booking Decision? WWE

A WWE name has revealed their disappointment over a recent booking decision made during Raw on November 7.

Dana Brooke has not been having it easy, of late. She has been on the receiving end of some undermining comments from Seth Rollins, and during the November 7 edition of Raw, Brooke lost her 24/7 championship.

If that wasn’t enough, her former title was then thrown in the trash. Literally. Well, sort of.

Dana Brooke lost the 24/7 title to Nikki Cross.

The title didn’t seem to hold as much value for Cross as it did for Brooke as Cross was seen dropping the title in a nearby bin backstage.

The spot was botched, however, as Cross missed the bin completely, leaving the title to drop to the floor.

Dana Brooke posted to Twitter, expressing her unhappiness, saying:

Everything I have worked for & tried to elevate… LITERALLY IN THE TRASH! #wwe @WWE @USA_Network

Her comments could, of course, be part of an overall work involving the championship or future plans involving Brooke and Cross.

However, Brooke has commented publicly before about legitimate issues with people’s perception of her and undermining her hard work – the most recent example being comments made by Seth Rollins.

Nikki Cross’ attempt to discard the title might signal the end of the championship and the various shenanigans that came with it.

The 24/7 title was unveiled by hardcore legend Mick Foley on the May 20, 2019, edition of Raw. Foley’s status suggested that the title would pave the way for some wild and brutal spots and title changes.

Instead, it has seen a number of slapstick segments as wrestlers have gatecrashed ‘weddings’ with referees in disguise to secure the title.

The 24/7 championship has even been held by non-wrestlers, including Byron Saxton, Corey Graves and The Gobbledy Gooker.

Dana Brooke’s most recent hold of the title marked her fifteenth reign.

Time will tell if the 24/7 title is retired for good or if it will require someone with a better aim to toss it away.

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