Dana White Savages ‘Dummies’ Expecting UFC Changes After WWE Merger

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Dana White Savages ‘Dummies’ Expecting UFC Changes After WWE Merger UFC

UFC President Dana White has slapped down the “dummies online” who are expecting a change to the legitimacy of UFC under the WWE merger.

With Endeavor having bought WWE and plans to merge the two companies into a powerhouse of the industry, White has already addressed the possibility of a crossover between the two companies.

Speaking to Pat McAfee, White would also address one obvious difference between UFC and WWE – the predetermined nature of WWE compared to the legitimate combat of UFC.

White was savage in his response to online comments, saying:

“Then you have all the dummies online, ‘Oh, now this is all gonna be fake, too.’ We’re sanctioned by the athletic commissions in every state, you morons.

“The government oversees us. They got the judges, they got the referees, and you can gamble on this. Nothing is gonna change. It’s exactly the same.”

He would go on to discuss the potential that a UFC/WWE merger will bring for the future, concluding:

“The parent company can deliver a lot of things to both businesses. If you’re a guy like Ari, and we’re going into re-negotiations with arenas, Ari has the UFC, the WWE, PBR, and lots of other things. Also when you talk about re-negotiating television rights, this company is an absolute powerhouse now.”

White also discussed his belief that Endeavor has the capability of taking WWE to the “next level.

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Transcript from Fightful.

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