WWE Debut Confirmed

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Where Will He Fit?

The timing of his debut is interesting, as it’s in the middle of the build to Money in the Bank. Are they going to slot him into a qualifying match? If so, will he win and go on to compete in the ladder match? It would be a bold, but strong move to put him in that match. Seeing as only four people from SmackDown can qualify for the match, it would instantly establish him as a top talent. Furthermore, if he won the briefcase, he would have a full year, guaranteed, to develop a character and get over with the main crowd.

The more obvious route, though, is to slot him into the upper mid-card for now. He could easily be a challenger for Jeff Hardy’s United States Championship. This would also allow him to rise naturally through the ranks, rather than be thrust into a high-profile match immediately. He could start with a squash match this week, then move on to lower card talent. After each match, Vega could cut a promo to further put Almas over. Do this for a couple of months, and he could easily slot into a US Title program.

Whatever path they take, it’s great to see Almas debut on the main roster. He won a lot of people over after his incredible matches with Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black, even if the latter was overshadowed by a stacked card. Since being paired with Vega, he has established himself as a top competitor in NXT, and he has earned this spot. Hopefully, the main roster treats him well.


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