WWE Deletes John Cena Shoot Promo On WWE Roster

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

WWE Deletes John Cena Shoot Promo On WWE Roster

Many fans have seen the pretty cool promo that WWE posted on their various social media platforms from John Cena before SmackDown went on the air last night. However, this wasn’t the only promo they posted yesterday.

WWE posted another promo from John Cena, but this was quickly deleted. However, thanks to Twitter user @rondarouseyszn, you can see exactly what “big match John” had to say.

Many people have speculated that WWE higher-ups asked for the promo to be deleted after Cena made reference to Bray’s “Husky Harris” character from around ten years ago.

However, others have suggested that it was deleted because of Cena’s harsh words towards the WWE roster. In the promo, John spoke about a “certain group” of WWE stars who are entitled and feel they deserve things.

Regardless of if WWE liked the promo, there is no denying that it was engaging and will have led to fans perhaps being slightly more interested in the WrestleMania match between the two former WWE Champions.


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