WWE Divisional Breakdown: Raw, April 30, 2018

WWE Divisional Breakdown: Raw, April 30, 2018

Before I begin the first ever Divisional Breakdown (TM), let me explain how it’s going to work. Of course, there’s already weekly articles dedicated to Raw and SmackDown, which cover previews, reviews, and even head-to-head comparison. While those are great ways to get recaps and opinions on the shows, I’d like to take it a step further. Instead of looking only at what happened, I’m going to examine how each show utilized their four divisions. I will break each show down to their midcard, tag, women’s, and men’s main event division, to see how each was presented on that given week.

This Montreal-based episode was technically a go-home show as Backlash is this Sunday. However, due to the fact that this was also a recap show of the Greatest Royal Rumble, it’s going to get a pass on its lack of a hot go-home angle for literally any feud.

Now let’s get into it.

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