Triple H Has Big Plans For WWE Raw Star

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Triple H Has Big Plans For WWE Raw Star WWE

It has been reported that Triple H has plans for a WWE Raw star after their upcoming match at WrestleMania 39 on April 1 & 2.

With Rey Mysterio set to face his son Dominik Mysterio at the huge event this weekend, plans going forward have been revealed.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer reports:

” Everyone has been impressed with Dominik Mysterio and it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that Rey vs. Dominik is the hottest thing in the company aside from the Bloodline stuff.

“Levesque is very high on Dominik and his future past this angle and there are long-term plans for him as a star.”

Meltzer would then reveal the current WWE creative for Dominik, stating:

“There have been various ideas batted around regarding Rey and Dominik’s long-term including a very long-term culmination and she (Vickie Guerrero) wasn’t part of those ideas, but the ideas are pretty vague past the culmination and how they get there is something that would be filled in later.”

Vickie Guerrero has recently revealed that her contract with AEW expires in July and she has “exciting” things planned.

She has also recently discussed her wish to have been part of the Mysterio storyline and that she has been in contact with both Dominik and Rhea Ripley.

With Rey Mysterio set to face off against his own son, he has dedicated his upcoming match to “all those dads putting up with their kids.”

He has also shared his thoughts on Dominik Mysterio and the pride he feels watching his son on television.

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